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Joe Dolan - Lady In Blue 1975

I do not own the Copyrights for this video, it's only some fan material that was ripped or recorded from TV channels. Album: Lady In ...

Joe Dolan - Mullingar Mojo - RTE 2007 (1999 documentary)

repeat showing following Joe Dolan's death 26th December 2007.

Joe Dolan - Sister Mary ( Video Clip) 1976

Sister Mary, can you tell me, is there any useSister Mary, can you tell me, is there any use? Sister Mary, I've been praying, what ...

Joe Dolan - My Love (Original video) 1979

My love, here I stand with a broken heart My love, it was you from the very start. My love, think of me when you're far away My love, ...

Joe Dolan - More & More

More & More went to the top of the Irish charts in 1981.

Joe Dolan - Teresa ( video)1969

I think I've seen that look before Somewhere somhow I can't be sure Teresa. And though I see it everywhere I cloose my eyes it's ...

Joe Dolan - You belong to me (Original video) 1976

I stood there watching them dance by They seem to be more than just friends now He held her tightly in his arms If only l can stop ...

Joe Dolan | Local Clips

Joes been riding for about a month now so we made this edit to show some of the tricks his learnt.

Joe Dolan Part 1 ♪♫

In memory of Joe 16/10/1939 ---- 26/12/2007.Also his drummer Tony Newman(R.I.P) who was featured in this video ......"those ...

Joe Dolan - You're Such A Good Looking Woman 1970

Joe Dolan - You're Such A Good Looking Woman 1970 When God created a woman for me he must have been in a beautiful ...

Joe Dolan l Clips

Just some clips of Joe If you liked it please Subscribe.

Joe Dolan - Good Looking Woman

Intro Music and Joe sings Good Looking Woman.

Joe Dolan Part 3 ♪♫

Dedicated to the memory of Joe & his drummer Tony Newman. (Clip from 1999)

Joe Dolan Part 2 ♪♫

Dedicated to the memory of Joe & Tony Newman (Joe's drummer) ♪♫ ♥ (Clip from 1999)

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