Lady Sovereign clips – video

Lady Sovereign CBB Clips

Weird Music video spanning SOV's time on Celebrity Big Brother featuring different snippets for the good moments, bad, ...

Lady Sovereign - Shake It (Metro Station Cover) Gif Video

Here is my Gif version of the video I tried to post earlier. Hopefully this video can be seen by everyone. The footage is not blocked ...

Lady Sovereign Best Moments Of CBB

the best moments of lady sovereign from celebrity big for lady sovereign !!!

Lady Sovereign - So Human "Offical Music Video"

The Offical Music Video of So Human by Lady Sovereign.

Lady Sovereign "Girls Will Be Girls"

New download link (Let me know if this one ever fails): ...

Lady Sovereign's exclusive DIVA video

In which our cover star waxes lyrical about the virtues of short girls, and explains exactly what happened when she was arrested ...

Lady Sovereign - My England (Live clip)

Lady Sovereign live at Scala London.

Lady Sovereign "Sad Arse Strippa" Music Video

(PARENTAL WARNING(lol); I recommend get all under 13s out the room. Strong language and scenes of violence are present in ...

Lady Sovereign Breaks Down, Leaves After 2 Songs (Part 2of2)

TheMusic.FM Exclusive (Click for a full account.) Summary & Lady Sov's response: After opening for Gwen ...

Jigsaw (song) - Lady Sovereign

A video with a few pics from the I Got You Dancing Video shoot, with the Jigsaw song from the Lady Sovereign's second Album ...

Lady Sovereign - who´s that girl Happy birthday!

yeah I video I made... Listen to the vocals because sometimes they fit with the pictures :) Enjoy! ähm err the video is especially for ...

Lady Sovereign arrested

News report of Lady Sovereign after she was arrested in Brisbane Australia.

Lady Sovereign "Midget"

Cheeky British midget, Lady Sovereign wrote a song about....her midget-like cheekiness. Here it is with pics.

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