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Mabou LOISEAU on Katie COURIC 8-year-old polygot speaks 8 languages & plays 8 musical instruments

Mabou Loiseau on ABC TV on 7-10-14 with Katie Couric. She learned it all at DoRéMi Arts & Languages, the music and language ...

13-year-old Singer MABOU LOISEAU Performs Live - Cheap Thrills ft. Sean Paul, Sia With PR!MEL!VE$

DoReMi Arts & Languages Presents Supergirl Mabou Loiseau With PR!MEL!VES at the 2019 Recital.

MABOU LOISEAU Sings Listen, by Beyonce - DoReMi Arts & Languages

11 years old - Mabou sings Listen, by Beyonce at DoRéMi Arts & Languages' 7th annual recital.

SuperGirl Mabou Loiseau "Chercher L'Amour" - 5 Years Old

5-Year-Old - CherCheR L'AmouR J'ai tant cherché l'amour, je l'ai enfin trouvé Dans les yeux d'un enfant ...

Mabou LOISEAU, 11 Years Old - Because You Loved Me, Celine DION - DoRéMi Arts & Languages

Polymath Mabou Loiseau learned it all at: DoRéMi Arts & Languages, the music and language school where knowledge meets ...

11-year-old Polyglot MABOU LOISEAU - Because You Loved Me, Celine Dion

DoRéMi Arts & Languages Presents: SuperGirl Mabou Loiseau Singing Celine Dion.

Wow! See 5-year-old Polyglot Mabou Loiseau Speak 7 Languages NOW! Amazing! 5-year-old Polyglot Mabou Loiseau All languages TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH BY MABOU LOISEAU ...

Mabou LOISEAU Sings Stone Cold, by Demi Lovato - Cover

DoRéMi Arts & Languages Presents 12- Year-Old Supergirl Mabou Loiseau.

College at 13 - Mabou Loiseau - 8 Years Old, 8 Languages, 8 Musical Instruments-OVATION TV

Mabou Loiseau learned it all at DoReMi Arts & Languages, the Music and Language Tutoring School. You or Your Kids Can Too!

Live, Raw Performance by 13-year-old Mabou Loiseau - Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

DoReMi Arts & Languages Presents Supergirl Mabou Loiseau Performing at Queens Theater. Recital 2019.

Mabou Loiseau And Friends - Count On Me, Bruno Mars - 11 years old

11-year-old singer Mabou Loiseau, having fun at the park with her friends.

Mabou Loiseau on Russian Talk Show, 5-Year-Old Polyglot on Russian TV Once again! Mabou Loiseau on Russian Talk Show!

10-Year-Old Mabou Loiseau Singing on a Carnival Ecstacy Cruise Ship-Get Here by Oleta Adams

Not a professional video. Mom just recorded it with her cell phone. Mabou Loiseau is homeschooled at DoRéMi Arts & Languages ...

6-Year-Old Mabou Loiseau's Stunning Improvised Performance for 2000+ Kids. A True Supergirl!

Amazing performance for 2000+ kids. Polyglot Mabou Loiseau dances, sings in English, Russian, French, Chinese, Spanish, ...

MABOU LOISEAU & Friends Chandelier, by Sia - Cover

Mabou Loiseau Sings one of her favorite songs. Chandelier, by Sia.

CSL Hamptons 2015: Mabou Loiseau Performance

Filmed, produced, and edited by Mark I. Brodie and MiB Mediaworks.

Best Motivational Speech to Parents by Esther Mabou LOISEAU for DoRéMi Arts & Languages

DoRéMi Arts & Languages Presents: Joseph Quisenberry, a child prodigy who learned fluent French at DoRéMi Arts ...

MABOU LOISEAU Dancing With Friends - DoRéMi Arts & Languages - DJ Khaleb, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars

Mabou Loiseau Dancing With Friends: Jahzara, Zamora, Kimora and Nylah Funky, Bruno Mars - Despacito, Justin Bieber - I'm ...

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